Kensington Palace RC Track

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  • Listing ID: 3343
  • Surface Type: Paved
  • Surface Condition: Smooth
  • Distance: 700m
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Accessibility: Public/Open
  • Best Time to Drive: When there are less people around

Kensington Palace is the official residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales and a popular tourist spot. It was built in 1605 by Sir George Coppin. So what’s better than driving your RC vehicle around this majestic location and capturing its beauty with your FPV camera? The largest diameter of the track is 170m. You start in front of the round pond and head towards the front of the palace passing by the iconic Queen Victoria status. You’d also pass by the Princess Diana Memorial Garden on your right. Then, you have to make a series of hairpin turns before you return to the starting point.

It’s a tourist hotspot so please make sure you drive when fewer people are around. The route is mostly wide which gives you ample room to navigate. To visit this location, the nearest tube stations are Queensway, Bayswater, High Street Kensington, or Gloucester Road which is further away. Remember to post your best lap times on this site.



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UsernameLap TimeAvg SpeedRC TypePowertrainScaleFPV VideoImagesEquipment Used



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