How It Works

Design your own RC track or drive other people’s tracks and post your lap times.

Design Your Own RC Track ​

Design and submit your RC tracks on this platform so that others can drive them at their convenience. Each uploaded track comes with its own best laps leaderboard. Drivers get to post their best times with FPV footage.

You could create tracks from your nearby parks, skateparks, squares or landmarks using Google Maps.

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Or Find a Track Near You

FPV of RC Car

Post Your Best Lap Times & FPV Footage

Search for RC tracks near your area and drive them to hit the best lap time. Then submit your time with your FPV video footage.

You could also include affiliate links to equipment you used to generate income from your RC exploits.

Why Street Track?

RC Car with Speedometer Telemetry

We Don’t Live Near a Purpose-Built RC Track

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t live near a custom-built RC track. So the best way to indulge in this sport is to design our own street track that is accessible to us.

We should also let others experience our track design.

Why FPV?

RC Car with Speedometer Telemetry

Small Street Track is Such a Terribly Thing to Waste

Driving on a large street track would only elevate the excitement of RC because it empowers us to experience what we normally can’t on a specialized RC track – going beyond the visual range.

Besides, we need a clear view when our RC is passing a tree, a wall, or a statue.