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Blaze your RC on almost 200 user-generated tracks spanning 10 countries. Post your lap times and FPV videos.

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This is the paved track at Norman Houston park at La Brea Avenue. The other track is off-road on grass.

 Outdoor Track /  United States

This is the off-road version of RC track at Norman Houston park. The other type is on-road on paved surface. This type is suitable for…

 Outdoor Track /  United States

This is a super small and easy track. Barely 100m in total length. Start at any location on the pathway and finish there.

 Outdoor Track /  United States

A simple short-distance loop around this beautiful urban wetlands. Works for RC rally car, buggies or trucks, just don’t drive into the pool. Do a…

 Outdoor Track /  United States

Encanto Park’s Amphitheater Island has a scenic track that loops around the lagoon and picnic areas, perfect for a buggy ride.

 Outdoor Track /  United States

This track is located at the The Wall – Las Memorias AIDS monument. You need to do an “8” shaped turn around the paintings then…

 Outdoor Track /  United States

This track is short so you don’t necessarily need a long-distance radio transmitter or even an FPV camera. But because you have to go down…

 Outdoor Track /  United States

This track starts from the scenic overlook point and ends there. It is located at a good elevation of the entire track ensuring you will…

 Outdoor Track /  United States

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DIY RC Track

Create Your Own RC Track

Build your own RC circuit to let others drive it and submit their fastest lap times.

Find a Location Near You

You can use a park, landmark, public field or square.

Design Your Track on Google Maps

Map out your track using Google Map’s My Maps function.

Upload it Here & Let Others Race it

Upload your track on RC Grid and invite global RC drivers to race it and submit their fastest times.