Wltoys 124017 with very low ride height

4 Definitive Ways to Lower or Raise the Height of RC Car

Let’s cut to the chase and get on with the four methods to increase or decrease the height of your RC ground vehicle.

Use Smaller or Larger Wheels

Something that is not too obvious but simply works with ease. Changing wheels with different diameters can easily help lower or raise your RC car ride height.

For instance, changing from 68 mm diameter wheels to 65 mm shall lower your car by 5 mm. That’s half a centimeter or almost a quarter of an inch). This is significant considering an RC car is a small-scale vehicle The best part of this method is that it doesn’t require massive modification work.

Change the Length of the Suspension

At first thought, this may seem like a lot of work, but after trying it out for ourselves, it isn’t that hard. Please note we’re not referring to tightening the springs but to actually inserting some silicone tubing (like those you use in aquariums) into the strut tube to stop the travel, if you plan to shorten them. Check out this video below by PhillyB on how to do it. Adding a 10 mm tube is usually enough to


Wltoys 124017 with very low ride height
Wltech 124017 RC car with low ride height. Set with 10 mm of tubing inside the suspension and 63 mm diameter wheels.

Change the Pivot Point of the Suspension

Another easy-to-do technique is to change the point where your suspension is connected to the swing arm, known as the pivot point. These are the visible holes to which you attach your suspension. Most swing arms do come with different points, I hope yours do.

RC suspension pivot points
Different pivot points (holes) on an RC swing arm

By using the pivot point nearer to the body, you’re increasing the ride height slightly. The other pivot point farther from the body does the exact opposite.

Use Droop Screws

Droops screws are screws with the purpose of adjusting the ride height of your RC car. They are usually located on the swing arm or chassis. It works by limiting the vertical travel of your swing arms. It might take a while to imagine the mechanics of how it works, but once you put in the screws, you will immediately notice the height difference. The deeper you screw them in, the lower your car will get.

A droop screw on RC swing arm
A droop screw on an RC swing arm

Using droop screws is not recommended if you are using FPV with your RC car. This is due to the jarring effect that the screws impart on the car which results in blur FPV vision.


Setting a ride height that is too low will cause your car’s underbelly to strike the ground when driving on uneven surfaces. Conversely, an RC vehicle that is too high will have a higher center of gravity, causing instability. Always test to find the optimum balance for your car. Have fun!