Easy ways to mount camera on rc car

Two Cheapest and Easiest Ways to Attach a Camera on RC Car – With Easy Tutorial

We have tried so many ways to put a camera on an RC car  – from the most costly to the most complicated options. Finally, we have found these quickest ways to do it without burning a hole in your wallet. You also don’t need to 3D print any custom parts and no super glue is required. Let’s start with the most affordable option.

Use Your Mobile Phone With a Mini Tripod

Yes, use your good ‘ol smartphone as the camera. The trick is to get a mini tripod with a phone bracket and secure them on your RC vehicle. You want to make sure that your tripod has a very low profile. This means it could stretch its legs all the way to the bottom of your phone, like the one below.

Mini tripod

But make sure that the tripod and its legs can sit on top of your RC car. Next, get a phone bracket and preferably a bracket with a tightening screw to ensure your phone will not fly and hit a dog nearby when you crash into something. Ours almost did. And remember to use a phone case and screen protector while you’re at it.

Finally, get some duct tape and tape the tripod on the roof of your vehicle. And you will get something like below.

Smartphone on RC car for FPV using tripod and bracket

Don’t forget to duct tape the sides of your body shell to the chassis to ensure the camera does not tilt when you corner or turn.

Use Your Mobile Phone With a Camera Strap

A camera strap can be any sort of Velcro strap that comes with a camera mount adapter. For instance, a cheap choice is to get a GoPro wrist strap as depicted below for only $3.

GoPro wrist mount

You need to verify that the strap is long enough to wrap around your RC’s body. Next is to get a mini tripod adapter mount as shown below. This is to connect the wrist strap to your phone bracket. Or you may reuse any existing adapter you have as long as they can attach the phone bracket and the strap together.

Mini Tripod Adapter Mount

The last step is to connect everything together – the wrist strap, tripod adapter and the phone bracket. Finally, wrap the strap around your RC and the result should be something like below (ignore the tiny camera at the rear).

Easy way to attach a camera on RC car

You should make sure that you wrap it sufficiently tight to avoid any sliding or rolling effect on your camera. Add some duct tape on the strap to further secure the entire installation.

Happy shooting and enjoy your RC video moments!

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