Best Locations to FPV RC Car

If you’re thinking about installing a camera on your RC vehicle or you have already done that and are now super eager to blaze some tracks, here are some interesting places that you can make full use of your onboard camera.

Scenic Spots

You could make compelling use of your live camera and shoot some breathtaking videos with your RC. These spots can be tourist attractions, monuments, rivers, beaches, hilltops, or even promenades. Most cameras do have a wide-angle view these days and shooting it from an RC point of view could offer something unique.

Eastern Beach Promenade in Geelong, Australia.
Eastern Beach Promenade RC track in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

My dream is to drive past and below the Eiffel Tower or around the Great Pyramid of Giza. After all, we’re not using invasive drones. And don’t forget to upload your videos on YouTube and on RC Grid.


Here’s one of the most fun places to drive and do some stunts while you’re at it. They are usually paved in smooth surfaces making them ideal for any RC vehicles. Small-scale RCs tend to do better since they have shorter wheelbase that allows them to fly up and down the bowls and half pipes. It may take some learning to “swim” in the skatepark bowls like how to climb up but you will eventually figure it out.


An obvious and convenient choice for most RC owners. But do ensure you can get good signals when behind the trees or bushes. Most video transmitters don’t need a clear line of sight at average size parks but it’s good to do some practice laps before you go full swing.

Squares or Plazas

One of the best locations that let you put your hair down and go full throttle. But please look out for pedestrians because these places are usually busy at peak hours. There may be some historic statues or landmarks around it so drive past them and upload your video online.


Imagine you’re a NASCAR driver sitting in the cockpit going full speed on the famous oval circuit at Daytona International Speedway. The closest thing you can do is FPVing in a stadium running track.

It feels like looking through an onboard camera and soon perhaps we can throw it some speed and rev OSD (on-screen display) telemetries.


Ok, so maybe FPV driving on a running track doesn’t really feel like NASCAR, but I bet in a velodrome it does! With the steeply banked corners, you will feel like Dale Earnhardt blazing across the field. But chances are there won’t be a velodrome near your place. So when the opportunity arises, you should grab it while it’s hot and blaze your RC car to glory.

And just when you think you may not be allowed to drive in a velodrome, check out the video below.


Mountain Bike Trails

The best off-road option you can get to FPV on a dirt track. Some cities offer bike-specific parks like the popular Lee Valley Velopark in London which hosted cycling events for the 2012 London Olympics. Watch out for cyclists while you’re at it, or they should watch out for you.

Pump Tracks

It takes its name from the “pumping” action that you do when cycling on the track thanks to the series of jumps and berms. When traversing the track, the up-and-down action on a bicycle helps create momentum without pedaling.

Hiking Trails

Although hiking trails often start and end at different points, sometimes they do come in loops. You can take advantage of this or you could drive all the way to the furthest reach your RC can go and make a U-turn back.

Parking Lots

Last but not least, car parks are probably the most accessible to all of us. But it’s best to pick a large car park where you can go beyond the visual range and also one that has an even surface without potholes or bumps on the ground that can get your RC car flying at high speeds.


I’m pretty sure there are more places to FPV your RC ground vehicles that are not listed here. But do try to stand in the middle of the track when driving to get the most optimum radio and video reception.