5 Damn Good Excuses Why You Should Put a Camera on Your RC Car

Ok, you’ve seen people doing it on social media. Now, you’re getting that itch to want to FPV your RC vehicle. But you’re still sitting on the fence about it – should you or should you not? Well, let us bring you down from the fence and help you decide why you should.

You Are an RC Racer

Nothing else mimics the feeling of watching the onboard camera of a real-life motor racer than an FPV camera on your RC. It can be quite a thrill to watch yourself flying down an RC track from the driver’s point of view. Besides, it gives you the perspective you need to improve yourself by recording your races and replaying them to fix your mistakes. FPV camera can help you to do just that.

Take Ryan Lutz as an example. He’s a pro-RC racer since 2006 and it’s fun to watch him blast some tracks around the world. We get to learn from his racing skills as well.

You Are Teaching Others How to Race

Talking is one thing, showing is completely another. I always remind myself that when I coach, I don’t just talk, I need to show them how to do it. Showing from an onboard FPV camera can make a big difference in understanding and applying RC racing knowledge.

For instance, how fast is too fast when going into a corner and how smooth is smooth. Understeer or oversteer, you name it. All these can be recorded with the digital video recorder (DVR) built into FPV goggles.

You Want to Be a Motor Racer

Don’t just dream of being an F1 driver, now you can live it! Well, almost, at least in a mini version. Put yourself in the cockpit of a racer via an FPV camera on your RC and fly down the track. That’s what RC Grid was created for – to help you be as close to a motor racer as possible.

Who knows, in a couple of years you can be driving a full-size race car remotely from the comfort and safety of your home.

You Want to Create Cool YouTube Videos

You might have seen dozens of videos of people putting cameras on your buggies, bashers, crawlers or Slash trucks. My friend Kael Schoerlin goes even further by buying pizzas with his long-distance RC rig. How cool is that!

You Just Want to Brag

You can’t help but wanting to get some attention when you’re bashing or revving your RC at the park or at the road outside your house. So go put on an FPV camera and a long-distance radio transmitter with goggles and go say hi to some people the RC way. Heck, you can even prank a couple of kids, as shown in the video below.